Bisphenol A Banned By N.Y. County

Bisphenol A, a toxic chemical found in sippy cups and baby bottles, has been banned by a suburban county of N.Y. Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy banning the sale of baby bottles containing BPA, after the county legislators proved it last month.

Different states such as California, Washington, Hawaii and many others are planning to ban the products containing BPA, but Suffolk County is the first state that has implanted. In October, Canada was the first country which has announced to ban the BPA. Bisphenol A is commonly used in many the inner lining of the food cans, eye glasses and many hose hold goods.

This ban will take effective after the approval of N.Y. Secretary of state, within 90 days and applies to the food or beverage containers used by the children of three years.

BPA makes the baby bottle shutter proof that is the extensive use of this toxic chemical in the baby bottles.Some scientist have conducted studies to explain the harmful effects of BPA in the long term use but FDA has declared it a safe chemical for children.

But by ignoring the FDA recommendation Suffolk County is ready to save its susceptible population from the possible danger of the BPA. Levy said “exposure of children to such harmful chemicals should be controlled. For all such things parents must worry about, either their chills is safe from the toxic effects or not and BPA is one of them.”

Bisphenol A Banned By N.Y. County
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